July 15, 2006

Doing the happy dance

My mum is here for a visit – yay! She lives in Barbados and although we talk on the phone quite often it is great to have her here in person. I am looking forward spending time with her and catching up in person.

On anther note, here is my latest layout that I am so proud of. I did it for a challenge on the Classy Coordinates forum where we had to do a Now and Then theme, use a name plate and use notions (as in sewing notions). Since I had heard the latest song by India ArieI Am Not My Hair, I had the idea of doing a page featuring some of the hair styles I have sported over the years. I only managed to fit seven on this page (trust me there are a few more) ranging from 1991 to present day. From long straighten (chemically relaxed) hair to my natural dreadlocks of today. You name it I think I have tried it with my hair (well maybe not the jerri curl thing hee hee hee) Over the years I have straightened it, cut it into various styles, worn different styles of braids, cut it all off, worn it natural in twists, afro puffs, and finally in locks. I think this may be my final “style” but you never know with me. One day I may just wake up and cut it all off again.

Hey you know what they say – variety is the spice of life.

July 6, 2006

Making Strides

I don’t think I have said before that I am a moderator on a yahoo group for Ranger products. My friend Neith had told me that they were looking for new moderators for the group and that she thought I would be a great addition I was totally flattered and made my interest known to Donna who is the list owner and also Ranger U certified (Neith also put in a good word for me).

The group has been around for a while now but they were looking to put a more formal aspect to it in terms of having a more structured schedule for posting techniques – know as Inklings. So I am now a Ranger Inkling Moderator. So once a month (there are 4 Inkling Moderators) I have to post a how-to (including pictures of finished products) using Ranger products of course.

So Wednesday was my first post and it was a great success. I was a bit nervous as I was the first to post but it all turned out awesome in the end. The other moderators gave me high praise so I am happy, happy, happy. You can check out the group here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rangerinklink/ but I think you have to join the group to be able to read posts etc.

The great thing about this is that some of the moderators had a weekend retreat in June and they got to play with a lot of the Ranger products. I was not able to go but Neith attended and she brought me back a bunch of stuff that was donated by Ranger and Ranger Signature Artist as well as by some of the other moderators. So I now have some awesome stuff to play with that I had not used before. Not a bad trade for doing a monthly technique and answering questions on the forum.

So I am slowly building my artistic resume.