June 27, 2006

I am Still Here

Guess it s been a long time since I have written. Not much going on. Just been getting my scrapping on and adding to my layouts and cards. I am in a contest on Crafty Keepsakes and so far I have survived the first three rounds. Yay!! Basically we get a challenge to create a page using certain items and/or techniques and then each week the contest host eliminate anyone who did not stick to the list. Doubt I will win it in the end but it is getting me scrap using stuff that I probably would not have used together.

Oh I made my first Mojitos last week. They were so yummy. The perfect summer drink for those hot summer nights. That is if we ever really see a summer here. The weather has been so strange here – hot and humid one day, rain and thunder storms the next day. Hopefully it will settle down into a more predictable pattern for July and August.

Oh yeah, I got the cold yesterday…bummer. I thought it was just allergies but the antihistamine never kicked in and by last night I knew it was the cold. At least it’s not too bad. I spent pretty much the whole day in bed (yes I actually survived without being on the internet all day hee hee) and I think by tomorrow I will be feeling much better. I hope so because I have some scrapbook ideas in my head that I really want to put on paper.

June 16, 2006

Happy Friday

Today was a great day. My tutorial on how to make my Corset Card is up on the main page of Diversity Designs and I am so excited. Roselyn was also looking for formal and wedding layouts and cards to feature on the site this month and I sent her a couple things I had and my layout is one of the featured ones in the "Formal Occasions Pages" and my card is in the "Cards for Weddings and Sweet 16" (mine is the middle one on the last row). It feels great too see my stuff up on this totally awesome site. Francine also has stuff up. Her new article on non-traditional weddings is so well written and so informative and some of her layouts are also featured in the formal pages.

In addition Classy Scrappers (the forum for Classy Coordinates) that I also frequent (smile) are looking to add more moderators to their sub forums and the owner sent me a message asking if I would be interested in co-moderating the stamping section. Of course I said yes. I love sharing the stuff that I know about scrapbooking and stamping and card making. Maybe it’s the result of having teachers as parents that I love sharing my knowledge with others.

So stay tuned because there is a lot more where this came from!

June 11, 2006

Football Fever

Yep I have football (or should I say soccer) fever. The world cup has started and although I am not that into football I am very excited that Trinidad & Tobago are playing in their very first World Cup. They had their first match yesterday against Sweden and they completed proved everyone wrong and did a great job ending the game in a 0-0draw (and with only 10 players for the majority of the second half). All the commentators were surprised but the Trinidadians in the stands were ecstatic and I am sure all West Indians were proud. So no matter what happens from here I know that they Trinidadian team can return home after the World Cup with their heads held high for doing such a great job. And who knows – they could go on to win the whole thing. Hey a girl can have dreams and hopes.

June 7, 2006

Awesome Days

I have been having an awesome couple of days. First my books that I got on amazon.com for that great price came in the mail yesterday (see my entry from May 29). I love to scrapbook and I love reading so what an awesome combination – reading about scrapbooking. Then one of my layouts - Fun in the Sun – won the monthly layout challenge on Classy Coordinates. I was so happy. I think my pages are finally at the point that I have been striving for them to be. My winning layout will also be in the next Classy Coordinates e-newsletter and I get scrapbooking goodies too.

Then today one of the owners of Diversity Designs, a forum that I am a moderator on, asked me to do a How-to article for my corset card (shown here) for the home page of the site. – yay me!! I am on a roll this week. I hope I can keep the momentum going. I think I have finely found my scrapbooking rhythm and I don’t want to ever lose it again.

June 6, 2006

For the love of the game

I would have never imagined in a million years that I would come to love the game of baseball as much as I do. Growing up I always thought it was such a boring game and I would not be caught dead watching it. However, over the years of living here in Massachusetts not only have I developed a love f or the game but I am now a die hard Red Sox fan down to the ultimate “hatred” of our archenemies the Yankees (laugh out loud) and the love hate relationship that I think most Red Sox fans have. I yell at them on the TV when they are messing up and losing and I cheer them on with much gusto when they are winning. I curse at the umpires when they make calls that are not in our favor and boo the other teams when they make hits or score runs. Who would have thought that I would turn into not only baseball fan but a Red Sox fanatic?

Go Sox!!!!