August 19, 2006

Good mail and more

Yesterday(Thursday) was a good mail day. I had done a cyber crop on Classy Coordinates last Sat and I won some prizes for some games and a layout challenge that I did. One of my prizes came yesterday and it was so good to see something other than bills and junk in my mail box. It was a prize for a trivia game where I got 24 out of 25 correct. Yep, I know I am a nerd – lol!!!

Today(Friday) was our friend Jeff’s birthday so I met him and Sheldon and a couple other friends for lunch at this new Portuguese restaurant in New Bedford. It was absolutely wonderful - great d├ęcor, great service and totally awesome food. It was so funny because this restaurant is in the south end of New Bedford, not exactly the most desirable neighbor hood to live in but once you enter this restaurant you would think that you were in some fancy place in Vegas or South Beach, talk about contradictions. But getting back to the food – OMG, it was so yummy. The only thing is that they give you way too much. Of course not everyone would see this as a bad thing. I have half of mine in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

So plans for the weekend. There is a cyber crop on Serendipity Scrapbooks that started today and goes till 12 midnight on Sunday. So I will be checking in with that through out the weekend and will try to get as many of the challenges finished as I can. Want to see if I can win some free stuff LOL. We also have a few movies to watch but not sure if that will happen as there is baseball all weekend on TV. Red Sox (go Sox) vs. Yankees (bleh). I have become a true Sox fan, I can’t stand the Yankees. Can you believe that?