November 26, 2006

Where did the year go?

Reading Francine’s last two entries about Christmas preparations made me realize just how close we are to Christmas. Eeeek – where did the year go? Well at least my Christmas cards are finished. I just need to address them and mail/deliver them. But I still have a list of stuff to do before Christmas.

Finish decorations for tree
Get tree
Decorate tree
Make cookies
Deliver cookies
Finish handmade Christmas gifts
Make Caribbean Christmas cake also know as fruit or black cake
Make punch-a-crème, sorrel, and ginger beer
I am sure there is more but this is all that comes to mind for now.

I think I also want to copy Francine and do a journal about my Christmas preparations. Think I will do the 25 days of Christmas so will start it on Dec 1st. Hopefully I can get both the journal and the above list completed by Christmas Day!!!