September 7, 2006

Mail from home

I went to the post office today to collect a parcel from my mum (thanks mum). She had bought us these books when she was in Grenada called “Recollections of an Island Man” written by a Grenadian (Anthony W. DeRiggs) who now resides in New York. I love getting mail and it is even better when it’s from home. I don’t know what it is but whenever I see my mum’s handwriting it always brings a smile to my face and all these memories from home come flooding back. Of course this brought an idea for a scrapbook page to mind, so I had to take a picture of the book and the envelope on which my mum had written my address. I can’t wait to start this book. I love reading about the Caribbean and about Grenada in particular. It keeps me in touch with my roots and keeps my childhood memories fresh in my mind.

Now if only I could read and scrap at the same time. hummm lol!!!