August 31, 2006

Here comes the sun again

Well after 2 days of rain and rather cold-for-August weather the sun finally came decided to reappear yesterday afternoon. Just in time for my lunch and play date with my friend Jen. She is out on sick leave after having surgery on her foot and is on crutches. So I picked her up and we went to out favorite lunch place Thai Taste for lunch – yummy!! I will never get tired of that place. The food is just so scrumptious and the service is awesome.

Today the sun is still out which is good because I have a few scrapbooking projects to do that are all due today (procrastinator as usual LOL) and if it was rainy I would just end up doing nothing but surfing the net and reading a good book.

August 28, 2006

All worth it.

Well we pulled it off – whew! Jeff’s surprise birthday party was on Saturday and he was totally surprised. It is good to know that all the scheming and plotting and planning behind his back was all worth it. What a fun time we had. You should have seen his face when he walked it and we all yelled surprise. Jenna had blown up pictures of his yearbook picture and put them on sticks so we all had them in front our faces as well. The food was awesome, the conversation entertaining, and of course the drinks were endless LOL. So a fun time was had by all. Of course yesterday I was dragging. I think I am getting old. One late night out and I am no good to myself the next day. Who would have thought that day would come.

It’s rainy today and cold and dark. I just feel like curling up with some books but I also want to do some scrapping and I have to go to the supermarket if we want to eat tonight.

August 23, 2006

Scrapbooking Celebrities...

Well at least they are for me. I had such an exciting day today. I met Elise Flannigan, Emily Falconbridge, and Donna Downey today at the LSS (Right at Home Scrapbooking). I was so excited. They are all so down to earth and regular and I absolutely love that. I got Elise to sign my copy of her book “52 Scrapbooking Challenges” and a layout that she had in the August issue of Creating Keepsakes. I meant to bring my “Freestyle” book with me for Emily to sign and I forgot it at home. Oh well, at least I have a pictures with her. I also got to hang out with Fatima (from one of my online forums) again for a bit so that was fun as well.

Here are a few pictures from my day.

Elsie and Me

Elsie and Donna

Emily and Me

Donna and Me

Fatima and Me

August 22, 2006

Arrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhh (LOL)

Man I am so pissed off at the Red Sox right now LOL. They lost all 5 games of the series against the stinking Yankees LOL. They had better get their act together and start wining some games or else they will not make it to the play offs and I so want them to reach the playoffs again. Oh well, will just have to wait and see. Go Sox!!!!

On a more positive note, I am so happy for my sister, Francine. She has been applying for scrapbook design teams all year and she finally got asked to be on one. It’s for Self Addressed, a kit club that I have been drooling over for a while now. Someday I will be able to join it – sigh. She totally deserves it because her work is just so awesome. She is my inspiration to keep improving and trying different things with my own scrapbooking. Congrats sis!

August 19, 2006

Good mail and more

Yesterday(Thursday) was a good mail day. I had done a cyber crop on Classy Coordinates last Sat and I won some prizes for some games and a layout challenge that I did. One of my prizes came yesterday and it was so good to see something other than bills and junk in my mail box. It was a prize for a trivia game where I got 24 out of 25 correct. Yep, I know I am a nerd – lol!!!

Today(Friday) was our friend Jeff’s birthday so I met him and Sheldon and a couple other friends for lunch at this new Portuguese restaurant in New Bedford. It was absolutely wonderful - great d├ęcor, great service and totally awesome food. It was so funny because this restaurant is in the south end of New Bedford, not exactly the most desirable neighbor hood to live in but once you enter this restaurant you would think that you were in some fancy place in Vegas or South Beach, talk about contradictions. But getting back to the food – OMG, it was so yummy. The only thing is that they give you way too much. Of course not everyone would see this as a bad thing. I have half of mine in the fridge for lunch tomorrow.

So plans for the weekend. There is a cyber crop on Serendipity Scrapbooks that started today and goes till 12 midnight on Sunday. So I will be checking in with that through out the weekend and will try to get as many of the challenges finished as I can. Want to see if I can win some free stuff LOL. We also have a few movies to watch but not sure if that will happen as there is baseball all weekend on TV. Red Sox (go Sox) vs. Yankees (bleh). I have become a true Sox fan, I can’t stand the Yankees. Can you believe that?

August 16, 2006

Fun Day

What a fun day I had today. I went to Attleboro to meet up with my friend Neith, her son and twin daughters. Neith is off to the Club Scrap retreat and I had some stuff to give and return to her before she left for her fun weekend of scrapping and classes. We had lunch at the Emerald Square Mall and then made a quick trip to Michaels (craft store) – don’t worry I was very good used a coupon to get some clear UTEE which I needed and some findings to make some necklaces for a friend of my mums. It was great to see her and the kids and hang out for a bit.

I also stopped at the LSS (Local Scrap Store) in Attleboro. Believe it or not it is the closest one to me, close being relevant since it is about a 30 min. drive. I had recently found out that one of the ladies on one of my forums works there so I stopped to see if she was in so that I could meet her. Yay – she was there. It as great to put a face to someone who you chat with online. Of course I had to browse around the store but as hard as it was I was very very good. Only treated myself to a few sheets of Bazzill cardstock, couple alpha stickers and some rub-ons, and a chipboard alphabet. Trust me I could have bought one of everything that I saw – LOL. I also realized that they sell a bunch of idea books but they did not have the one I was looking for “52 Scrapbooking Challenges” by Elise Flanningan in stock but they are on order so one will be held for me. The exciting news is that Elise will be at the store next week to do a couple classes and to sign her book. So I hope that it comes in before next Wednesday so I can get my copy signed. Yes I am becoming a scrapbooking celebrity groupie and I am proud of it – LOL.

Oh and on a not so fun note I did not make it into the top 25 of the contest boo hoo. Oh well, I still love my layout and I will just keep trying other contests if the mood hits me. After all I scrapbook for me, the contests, challenges etc. are just all added bonus.

August 7, 2006

Wow its been a long time since I updated. Have just been too lazy to sit and write I guess. So let’s see what’s new and exciting. Well I had an awesome visit with my mum when she was here. We laughed a lot and lazed around and watched TV and did a wee bit of shopping (smile). The time was short but totally enjoyable.

In other news I have been getting a good amount of scrapping done. I think I have finally realized that the more pages I do that the easier the ideas come to me for new pages. I find that when I have long periods between doing pages that it takes me a bit of time to get back into the groove and to find ideas for what I want to do with my page. But after doing a couple of pages back to back, ideas for the next ones come easier. I really love the pages that I have been creating recently. So much so that I was confident enough to enter a contest on Treasured Scrapbooking. I’ll know tomorrow if I made it into the top 25. So wish me luck. But if I don’t, I love the page I made so much that I am still happy that I tried.