September 9, 2006

Good friends and good food

Yesterday was a fun day filled with good friends and good food. I met my friend Tricia for lunch at Ixtapa, a Mexican restaurant in Dartmouth. The food there is totally delicious and also authentic. It was fun catching up with her in person rather than on yahoo messenger. Then for dinner Sheldon and I met Jeff, Lan, and the kids at Turks for sushi. Well they had sushi, I was still too full from lunch to have much but I had the most delicious lobster bisque and some lobster tempura – yummy oh and a spicy quahog too!!! Then we went back to their house and hung out on the deck and ole talked. Summer is quickly coming to an end so we have to make the most of the outdoor time we have left because before we know it there will be snow on the ground – aaarrrggghhhh.