April 29, 2006

You have to live...

...each day to its fullest. Francine told me some bad news today. One of her friends that she went to university with, her 15 year old son passed away. He had a rare form of cancer that got diagnosed last year. :-( That is so sad.

It just got to me to thinking that you really have to make the most of each day that you are blessed with facing because you never know when it will be your last. You need to stop putting off for tomorrow what you know you can do today. I know we all have our bad days and we bitch and complain about stuff and that's just part of life. But I really think that we need to take some time each day to count our blessings and find at least one good thing that happened that day.

This news, as sad as it is, actually comes at a good time. I had made a promise to myself after my Dad passed away in 2004 and I heard his eulogy and realized that he had lived a full and enjoyable life, that I would take the time to make each day count. As time has gone on I had lost touch with this promise to myself. This news from my sister just made me think about that again and made me realize that I need to re-commit to that promise. So if you see me complaining too much on here just give me a friendly reminder of what I wrote here today.

Now go out there and LIVE LIFE.

April 27, 2006

Its All Relative

It is so funny how we all react differently to temperatures. I was taking to my friend Sheryl-Ann on ym today and told her that it was actually hot here in MA today. She lives in TX and we are always trading weather stories. Of course my hot is not TX hot LOL. It was actually in the 60s today (15-17 Celsius) and I was out in jeans, slippers, and a t-shirt and I was sweltering in the car.

I remember when I still lived in the Caribbean that I use to think that anything under 80 degrees (about 26 Celsius) was cool. Now when I go home I absolutely dread the heat and spend as much time as I can in air conditioned places. I laugh when my mum calls and says that the nights are cool at home - Caribbean cool maybe.

So you see it really is all relative. Your body and mind adjust to where you live without you even really realizing it.

Here's to more "hot"days in MA.

April 24, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

I knew it was too good to be true…the weather that is. Last week it was sunny and warm and I was loving it. I am definitely a sun girl and I am always in a better mood and have more motivation and energy when the sun is shining. Well the weather has done a complete 360 and it is cold (well relative to last week) and dark and cloudy and wet. I just feel like curling up in bed with a good book, some hot chocolate and warm toast slathered in butter (yummy).

I guess I should have headed out last week to take those photos of spring that I wanted. But I was sure the weather would be nice again this week. I mean its spring after all no way is it going to be cold and damp again. Of course I should have remembered that age old saying, “If you don't like the weather in New England, wait five minutes”, or in this case a few days. Well I hope this saying stays true and the weather decides to corporate with me as the week goes on.

So to quote a popular children’s song:

"Rain, rain go away. Come again another day"

April 21, 2006

Love Hate Relationship With Spring

Every winter when the days are dark, short, and cold I look forward to Spring. I can't wait for it to start getting warmer so I can open my windows and enjoy some fresh air. After all I am from the Caribbean and we only close our windows when it rains and then only the ones that the rain will come in through.

And then Spring hits and my allergies swing into full gear and my love hate relationship with Spring starts. I love that the days are longer and that the birds are singing and that the trees are budding and that the flowers are blooming and then my noise starts to run, my eyes start to itch and I start cursing all the flowers and trees - LOL!

I guess as human beings we are always wishing for something else. In Winter I beg for Spring. Spring comes and I want it to be gone and Summer to be here. Summer comes and its too hot and on and on it goes.

Maybe I need to just stop and count my blessings that I get to expereince all of this.

Now if I can just get my nose to stop running an my eyes to stop watering I may actually be able to enjoy all the wonders of Spring :-)

April 19, 2006

I finally did it

I have been planning to start a blog for the longest time and just kept putting it off. My sister Francine has her blog here and she has been behind me to start one since I saw hers and loved it. Then one of my best friends Sheryl-Ann started hers and kept asking me when I would start mine.

But starting a blog is a lot harder than it looks. First I could not think of what I wanted to blog about. Then they kept asking me what I would call it. Call it?? Oh I am supposed to put a title LOL. Ok, ok - I know I had to. So finally last night Sheryl and I started to kick some titles around and the idea of starting this actually seemed real to me. Then morning hit and I sitll had not finalized my title. Francine tried to help me come up with one and then it just came to me - Ole-Talk. So I looked it up in my Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage to see the definition. Ole-Talk (Old-Talk): Idle chatter; gossip; social chit-chat, mere rhetoric. And then it hit me - that's the perfect title for my blog.

So here I am finally - my very own blog. I hope Francine and Sheryl-Ann are happy.