April 29, 2006

You have to live...

...each day to its fullest. Francine told me some bad news today. One of her friends that she went to university with, her 15 year old son passed away. He had a rare form of cancer that got diagnosed last year. :-( That is so sad.

It just got to me to thinking that you really have to make the most of each day that you are blessed with facing because you never know when it will be your last. You need to stop putting off for tomorrow what you know you can do today. I know we all have our bad days and we bitch and complain about stuff and that's just part of life. But I really think that we need to take some time each day to count our blessings and find at least one good thing that happened that day.

This news, as sad as it is, actually comes at a good time. I had made a promise to myself after my Dad passed away in 2004 and I heard his eulogy and realized that he had lived a full and enjoyable life, that I would take the time to make each day count. As time has gone on I had lost touch with this promise to myself. This news from my sister just made me think about that again and made me realize that I need to re-commit to that promise. So if you see me complaining too much on here just give me a friendly reminder of what I wrote here today.

Now go out there and LIVE LIFE.