April 26, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!

It has finally caught up with me. This game of blog tagging. Thanks to my wonderful sister Francine I have been tagged. :-) So here goes.

7 Random Facts or Habits About Me
* All the hangers in my closet are white and they all face the same way
* I can't scrap if my area is too messy or disorganized
* I still have sheets of Club Scrap stamps to mount. I was a member in 2005 :-O
* I an semi-vegetarian. I have not eaten chicken or meat in almost 15 years - no reason other than I just don't like it.
* I finally found the perfect storage that works for me to store my foam stamps after trying various things for the last couple years.
* I worry that people think I am strange when I pull out my camera and take pictures of ramdom stuff (LOL)
* I am a huge procrastinator but I do my best work under pressure.

I am going to pass the fun onto: