June 27, 2006

I am Still Here

Guess it s been a long time since I have written. Not much going on. Just been getting my scrapping on and adding to my layouts and cards. I am in a contest on Crafty Keepsakes and so far I have survived the first three rounds. Yay!! Basically we get a challenge to create a page using certain items and/or techniques and then each week the contest host eliminate anyone who did not stick to the list. Doubt I will win it in the end but it is getting me scrap using stuff that I probably would not have used together.

Oh I made my first Mojitos last week. They were so yummy. The perfect summer drink for those hot summer nights. That is if we ever really see a summer here. The weather has been so strange here – hot and humid one day, rain and thunder storms the next day. Hopefully it will settle down into a more predictable pattern for July and August.

Oh yeah, I got the cold yesterday…bummer. I thought it was just allergies but the antihistamine never kicked in and by last night I knew it was the cold. At least it’s not too bad. I spent pretty much the whole day in bed (yes I actually survived without being on the internet all day hee hee) and I think by tomorrow I will be feeling much better. I hope so because I have some scrapbook ideas in my head that I really want to put on paper.


Sheryl-Ann said...

Hey, was thinking about you today. Sorry to hear that the cold has gotten a hold of you.....fatigue has gotten a hold of me and I am just thanking my lucky stars that teaching is now over! I couldn't teach these undergrads for another week or I would pass out:) Hope you start feeling better soon.

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

Vernell I hope you feel better!