August 31, 2006

Here comes the sun again

Well after 2 days of rain and rather cold-for-August weather the sun finally came decided to reappear yesterday afternoon. Just in time for my lunch and play date with my friend Jen. She is out on sick leave after having surgery on her foot and is on crutches. So I picked her up and we went to out favorite lunch place Thai Taste for lunch – yummy!! I will never get tired of that place. The food is just so scrumptious and the service is awesome.

Today the sun is still out which is good because I have a few scrapbooking projects to do that are all due today (procrastinator as usual LOL) and if it was rainy I would just end up doing nothing but surfing the net and reading a good book.

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SherrySherry said...

Hey procrastinator, I hope you got your projects done in time. By the way, 4 more months until Xmas so don't wait until the last minute to make the goodies (wink wink)