September 30, 2006

Here comes fall!

Wow!! I can’t believe it is the end of September already. Where did the year go? It seems that the older you get the quicker the days go by. So of course you all know what the end of September means – means that fall is quickly approaching and my love hate relationship with these seasons continues. I love the colors of fall but hate that the days start to get shorter and the temperature starts to steadily decline. But I am trying to look at everything in a positive light so I promised myself that I will not whine and complain about the cold and dark this year. We’ll see how long that lasts – lol


SherrySherry said...

Sorry dahling, it was 96 degrees today in Texas. I am not sure when Fall will come here but I am hoping that there will be no winter and Spring will be here before I know. Actually, bring on the winter so I could wear my sexy winter outfit and boots.....even though it's just for a week or two :)

Francine said...

well you know I feel the same way. :( At least we still have some sun even though the days are getting chilly.