October 15, 2006

Laughed till I cried!

Last night I went to an Aids Benefit concert at UMass Dartmouth. One of the Frats puts it together and this is the fifth year that they have done it. I went with my friend Tricia and it was a blast. The MC was this guy Kevin Brown who was on one of the past seasons of Lat Comic Standing and just got cast in that new show on NBC called “30 Rock”. He is also a Frat brother and he comes in to host the show for them every year and also brings an up and coming comedian with him to close the show. This time he brought a comedian from CA (of course now I can’t remember his name) who was the closer on Def Comedy Jam about 2 weeks ago. He was hilarious. Between Kevin Brown and this comedian I was laughing till tears were streaming down my face.

Yesterday was also the BBQ for alumni homecoming weekend at UMD so I stopped by during the day to hang out for a bit. It was fun. They had a really good turn out. Joe the new Alumni Director did an awesome job. In my years working at UMass this was the biggest turn out I have seen. Way to go Joe!!

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SherrySherry said...

It's great that umassd puts on an Aids Benefit.....way to go!