December 4, 2006

Snow!!! And its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We got snow today!!!! Not much but it was coming down this morning. By 11 it had stopped and started to melt. But consider that last week it was in the 60s here, snow and 35 degrees was a shock to the system. Guess the good weather we have been blessed with had to come to an end at some time. Oh well.

At least the snow and cold have put me more into a Christmas mood so I guess it was good for something. I changed my car radio over to my favorite Christmas station today. They only play Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day. I also googled them and found them online so I am listening to them on my puter as I scrap and surf the internet – yay. I put my “candles” in my windows and I think I will get my tree tomorrow and decorate it. It’s time to add some Christmas to this apartment.


Francine said...

I think I need the link to that radio station. The radios over here don't play xmas music at all!

The Beach said...

Wow, you are in the Christmas spirit big time over there in MA! I will just make my gallon of ponche-a-creme and drink that all day long when Dec 25th comes. That should put me in a merry mood:)!