March 6, 2008

Playing with Paints

Here is the inkling that I did for February for my Ranger Inkling Group.

Adirondack Paint Dabbers
Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint
Tim Holtz Distress Ink
Stickles (optional)
Ghost Shape/Stencil - Bird
Time Card or Shipping Label
Card form or cardstock to make your own card

1. Cover time card and chipboard hearts with Paint Dabber and let dry completely.

2. Attach ghost shape to painted time card. Paint entire card (paitning around the ghost shape) with Crackle Paint. Let dry completely. Then remove the ghost shape.

3. Ink edges of card form with Distress Ink. Attach painted time card to front of card form. Embellish with chipboard hearts and ribbon. Apply rub-ons. Add sparkle to your hearts and bird shape with the Stickles (optional).
4. Present card to a loved one.

1 comment:

Phinnyart12 said...

Hi, Vernell. This is Phinny in Seattle. Thanks for sending your Blog link on the Ranger Yahoo Group!

I had fun reading through your posts. These comments are from older posts... so please bear with me (smile). I love the UTEE buttons and the sun catchers idea. I am going to try both. Lately I've been drawn to anything clear - Tim's Fragments, acrylic shapes, microscope slides, acetate / transfers, etc. So, using the UTEE for making clear shapes to cover paper or collage images is a very cool idea. Thanks!

Oh - and back in April when you listed different facts about yourself, you mentioned that you finally found a good way to store foam stamps. Well...? What's the secret? I have a drawer full of foam stamp sets all squished into freezer Ziploc bags. Whenever I open the drawer, they all burst out like an evil Jack in the Box and I end up spending 5 minutes shoving them all back in. It's like the glove box in a car that is too full - if it is opened, car manuals and receipts from the past 3 years all come spilling out. lol

You're from the Caribbean (I bet you have the coolest accent!) so how in the world did you end up in MA. Isn't it cooooold there?? LOL

Thanks for a fun Blog!

- phinnyart