April 27, 2006

Its All Relative

It is so funny how we all react differently to temperatures. I was taking to my friend Sheryl-Ann on ym today and told her that it was actually hot here in MA today. She lives in TX and we are always trading weather stories. Of course my hot is not TX hot LOL. It was actually in the 60s today (15-17 Celsius) and I was out in jeans, slippers, and a t-shirt and I was sweltering in the car.

I remember when I still lived in the Caribbean that I use to think that anything under 80 degrees (about 26 Celsius) was cool. Now when I go home I absolutely dread the heat and spend as much time as I can in air conditioned places. I laugh when my mum calls and says that the nights are cool at home - Caribbean cool maybe.

So you see it really is all relative. Your body and mind adjust to where you live without you even really realizing it.

Here's to more "hot"days in MA.


Sheryl-Ann said...

It is indeed all relative. My mum (who lives on the island of St. Lucia) says it is cold when it is about 73F (23C)!! I used to think 41F (5C) was warm when I lived in Canada and had endured the winter with temps around -4F (-20C). Perfect weather for me is 80F (27C), which is Spring weather here in Texas (smile).

Jade said...

Hot for MA is cold for the Caribbean. When I am home I expect it to be hot - so even when I came out of 30F MA weather, I was cold at home at 70F. For me, part of the adjustment is expectation.

Francine said...

yeah it's definitely relative, but only to a point! I definitely still feel cold a lot sooner than the people who have been living in these climates all their lives. But for sure I am never cold anymore when I am at home. Remeber when we used to wear seaters and Michael Jackson ackets to school when it was a rainy day? LOL

Francine said...

oh another comment. LOl You can tell you live in MA, you keep talking about the weather. rofl

Vernell said...

LOL! Thanks for all the great comments.
Hi Janine:-)
Sheryl - you and your TX weather LOL.
Francine - yeah I remember the sweaters etc hee hee, and yes living in MA makes you a weather expert LOL!

Mum said...

The days are really HOT now and the nights are unbearable. We have started thinking of the hurricane season.
I still won't turn on the air condition in my bedroom- a real Caribbean girl sleeps with the windows open and the curtains pulled up.
OK weather girl.