April 24, 2006

Rain, Rain Go Away

I knew it was too good to be true…the weather that is. Last week it was sunny and warm and I was loving it. I am definitely a sun girl and I am always in a better mood and have more motivation and energy when the sun is shining. Well the weather has done a complete 360 and it is cold (well relative to last week) and dark and cloudy and wet. I just feel like curling up in bed with a good book, some hot chocolate and warm toast slathered in butter (yummy).

I guess I should have headed out last week to take those photos of spring that I wanted. But I was sure the weather would be nice again this week. I mean its spring after all no way is it going to be cold and damp again. Of course I should have remembered that age old saying, “If you don't like the weather in New England, wait five minutes”, or in this case a few days. Well I hope this saying stays true and the weather decides to corporate with me as the week goes on.

So to quote a popular children’s song:

"Rain, rain go away. Come again another day"


Sheryl-Ann said...

Go out and get some great pics of a rainy New England day! Then again, it is probably sunny by now so go out and get some great pics of a sunny New England day! It's 62 degrees right now in my part of Texas, which is a little weird but who cares? At least the 100 degree temps of last week have gone away!

Francine said...

What Sheryl-Ann said! and I think I will take her advice because it is a gloomy day here today and rain is imminent. Oh don't you just love Sprimg? :)

Jade said...

Give me summer all year round and I am happy. Today is warm again and the rain from early this week has passed (it's now Thursday) so go ahead and take your photos this weekend - next week will probably be cold and wet.