April 21, 2006

Love Hate Relationship With Spring

Every winter when the days are dark, short, and cold I look forward to Spring. I can't wait for it to start getting warmer so I can open my windows and enjoy some fresh air. After all I am from the Caribbean and we only close our windows when it rains and then only the ones that the rain will come in through.

And then Spring hits and my allergies swing into full gear and my love hate relationship with Spring starts. I love that the days are longer and that the birds are singing and that the trees are budding and that the flowers are blooming and then my noise starts to run, my eyes start to itch and I start cursing all the flowers and trees - LOL!

I guess as human beings we are always wishing for something else. In Winter I beg for Spring. Spring comes and I want it to be gone and Summer to be here. Summer comes and its too hot and on and on it goes.

Maybe I need to just stop and count my blessings that I get to expereince all of this.

Now if I can just get my nose to stop running an my eyes to stop watering I may actually be able to enjoy all the wonders of Spring :-)


Sheryl-Ann said...

Spring is my favorite time of year - of course, I do not suffer from allergies! However, there has not been much of a Spring here in Texas this year as temps over 100 degrees don't exactly fit into Spring weather (smile). I still try to pretend that it is Spring, though, and I keep my windows open often.

Jade said...

No allergies for me over here! I am just glad to be able to go outside without a coat. I hear that there are no guarantees that winter is gone, but I have my fingers crossed. Only 2 months more, anyway, then I am back home in the year-round warmth.